IPaintMyMind is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit arts organization

Our mission is to make art accessible to all communities

We believe that art has the power to open us up to a more vibrant world.


At IPaintMyMind, we take pride in supporting artists, communities, and businesses in their efforts to make art a viable avenue for engagement & collaboration. We specialize in affordable & emerging visual art, with a focus on illustration, collage, mixed media, & photography screen prints & giclees.

Shared Walls™ is our hallmark arts program in which we transform spaces both for businesses and the public through temporary art exhibitions that focus on emerging & affordable artwork. Revenue from private exhibitions fund FREE exhibitions at parks, libraries, schools, and community centers; spaces that have the need for art but don’t have the budget.


Because art programs in public schools are being slashed, cultural experiences are cloistered in high rent areas, expensive art prices people out of participation, and artists are always asked for FREE art in return for “exposure”.

By providing artwork & programs to vital public spaces that are being divested of resources, we aim to support diverse communities by paying working artists, curating creative experiences, and encouraging the budding artists of tomorrow.


Through a nonprofit development model that prioritizes art services instead of donations and grants, we provide businesses with the chance to get art and give back, all while making our mission sustainable and scalable.

IPaintMyMind is thrilled to be a Gold Rated Guidestar nonprofit arts organization, qualifying us as a one of the top rated NFP’s in the country.

As a 501(c)(3), Guidestar serves as the gold standard for evaluating exceptional charitable organizations & were proud to be included.



Executive Director, Lead Curator & Board Chair

A Writer, Curator, Poet, Artist, Strategist, & Nonprofit Consultant, Evan is the Founder & Executive Director of IPaintMyMind and is the heartbeat of the organization, driving curation & partnerships while satiating his love for all things creative. His passion for developing a new model for nonprofit development & art is what fuels the organization. He directs curation, outreach, marketing, business development, and strategic operations. he also serves on the IPMM Board of Directors.



Board Member

Brian Flannery is an Anthropological Researcher at The Sound. He’s also a Collector, Film-Buff, and Beard-Wearer. He’s the epitome of a conscious citizen with a big heart. He’s a film buff, grew up with parents who encouraged his participation in the arts, and even did some acting as a kid. Brian focuses on Artist Relations & Partnerships for IPMM & has been around since we achieved our 501(c)(3) status. He also serves on the IPMM Board of Directors.



Programs Manager & Assistant Curator

Maria is a photographer & a MA graduate of the UIC Museum and Exhibition Studies program. She’s focused on making art institutions more engaging, as well as recognizing social justice in art. She helps manage the IPMM Gallery, the Shared Walls Program & coordinates interns.


Board Member

Josh Hoekwater is a VP, Group Account Director at Genuine, a digital-first marketing and advertising agency. As the newest IPMM board member, his focus is on leveraging his experience to help further expand and refine the organization’s marketing, development and partnership strategies. Josh has a strong passion for the arts in all of its forms. He has performed as a musician in clubs in the Northeast and Midwest and obtained a masters degree in visual media arts. He is a father of two, a soccer fanatic, and can be bribed with craft beer.


501(c)3 Status

IPaintMyMind is a recognized 501(c)(3) Public Charity Organization with the United States Government. Contributions to IPMM are deductible under Section 170 of the Code. We are qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under Section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code.